How We Get Your Story

Your business is unique.  So are we.  We don't use templates, tick boxes or boilerplate to try and tell your story.  

We'll craft our approach to building your story in the best possible way.

Sit down with us in front of a whiteboard.  We're highly skilled at leveraging information from your technical team members and putting it in the right context.  

Let us walk your shop floor, look around and ask questions about how you've been trying new ways to make your products. 

We'll talk with your developers or production staff and find out what's been done.  

We need to find the story and then give it back to you in a way that starts to get your team thinking along the lines of what was significant.  What was quantifiable?   Why was it hard?  How did you go through a series of tests or iterations that ultimately led to the success or failure of your project.  

Our goal is to make sure that everything we write has total buy in from the technical people on your team.