Scientific Research & Experimental Development:
Defining, Structuring and Managing your Claim for Success

Simply put, an SR&ED claim is a set of structured technical essays that describes the challenges your firm had trying to improve or achieve a technological advancement in your product or process.   Key to this is the manner in which your work is described as having to overcome barriers, obstacles or uncertainty through experimentation and a series of prototypes or iterations.    Along with a written description of the work done a number of different costs can be claimed for at various rates of refund.

These include:

Salaries:  For every dollar spent on R&D activity where a salary is involved (with full source deductions in place) the SR&ED program will allow you to recover 68.5 cents on the dollar 

Contract Labour Expenses:  These can be recovered at a rate of 41.5 cents on the dollar.

Materials Consumed:  If you're using up materials when you're trying to make something these can be recovered at a rate of 41.5 cents on the dollar. 

Lease Costs:  Consider the value of leasing equipment as you perform SR&ED eligible work.    For the time period your equipment is being used all or substantially all for R&D activity you can recover 4.15 cents on the dollar on lease expenses.  

Capital Goods:    Approximately 20 cents on the dollar.

Our team will work with you to identify, vet and verify each eligible cost for an SR&ED claim and help in the preparation of your claim.  

We also represent you in person during the investigative stages of a claim when Canada Revenue Agency Science Advisors look at your claim with regard to eligibility.    We also provide full assistance during any financial investigation regarding your claim as well.